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Greetings, and a warm welcome to all!

My name is Marie, and I am the proud founder and principal photographer at Ability + Inclusion Photography, formerly known as Little Moon Photography. Our journey has seen its share of challenges, including the temporary closure of our studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, here we are, resilient and more dedicated than ever, with a new name and a renewed mission to serve our community.

With a diverse background that spans nursing and a current educational endeavor in diversity, equity, and inclusion through eCornell, Cornell University’s online school, my life is a tapestry of varied and rich experiences. I am a mother to three incredible children, a wife to a medically retired police officer, and an advocate for the disability and neurodiverse community.

My middle child, Shane, has been a significant inspiration in my life. Shane is a stroke survivor who lives with cerebral palsy and is on the autism spectrum. Alongside his loyal service dog Pepper, Shane is a well-known figure in our community, and together, they represent Shane & Pepper Candle Company, our beloved family venture.

The inception of Ability + Inclusion Photography was driven by a pressing need I observed within our community. During my interactions with various families navigating the realms of disability and neurodiversity, I realized there was a glaring gap in the availability of experienced photographers proficient in catering to these unique communities. This realization became the catalyst for my mission: to create a safe, welcoming, and accessible space where individuals of all abilities could be celebrated and have their stories told through the art of photography.

As you browse through our gallery, you will discover a range of photography services, from capturing the delicate moments of newborns and the radiant glow of expectant mothers to the heartfelt gatherings of families. All these precious moments are skillfully captured in our studio, conveniently located inside Shane & Pepper Candle Company at 307 Derstine Ave, Lansdale, PA 19446, which is fully accessible to ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone.

My journey in photography began humbly as a stay-at-home mom, doubling as a full-time caretaker. Determined to hone my skills and turn my passion into a profession, I pursued education in photography, graduating from the New York Institute of Photography. Additionally, I immersed myself in intensive courses taught by seasoned professional photographers to ensure that I bring nothing but the best to my clients.

At Ability + Inclusion Photography, we stand as a testament to the belief that every story is worth telling, and every moment is worth capturing. We are here to celebrate diversity, embrace inclusion, and create timeless memories for all families. Welcome to our community, where every smile is captured, and every individual is cherished.


Montgomery County Happening List:
Best Photographer  

Finalist 2020

In 2020, the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic brought many dreams to a standstill, including the cherished Little Moon Photography studio owned by Marie. Despite the heartache of a permanent closure, the year was not without its silver linings. Before the world slowed down, Marie's remarkable talent was celebrated as she became a top finalist for the Montgomery County Happening Now List Award for Best Photographer.

Fast forward to 2023, and the spirit of Little Moon Photography has been rekindled with a profound purpose. Marie has triumphantly reopened her doors, welcoming the community to the newly named Ability + Inclusion Photography. This studio isn't just about pictures; it's about embracing every story. Here, we recognize that regardless of ability, neurodiversity, or medical challenges, everyone deserves to have their memories cherished and immortalized. Join us in celebrating the beauty in all walks of life, one snapshot at a time.

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